News Hiring Air Purifiers – Trust The Science & What Professional Use?

Our Air Purifiers* with VirusKiller Technology kills 99.9% of the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) avoiding to spread the virus around you. These air filtration devices* not only catch the air pollution, virus, bacteria and VOCs but they also kill them by using the highest certified clean-air tech in the world.

Clean air is invaluable in keeping our bodies healthy, especially our lungs. Air pollution is divided into three categories: Dirty Air, Sick Air & Toxic Air. What is it that you want to clean from your air? The HEPA filter system will be good enough for Dirty Air. However, Sick Air & Toxic Air need not only HEPA filter systems but also an air technology such as Viruskilller that destroy the virus and neutralises nanoparticles as well as has a sterilisation process.

A little bit of chemistry to explain VirusKiller technology. Our Air Purifiers* use a powerful UV-C lamp that is surrounded by a range of chromed nano titanium dioxide tube filters. These use refection refraction to multiply the efficiency by up to 10 times. The UV-C radiation reacts with the photocatalytic surface creating radicals. These radicals are the most powerful oxidants known to man. There is absolutely no particle that can escape this thing alive.

This technology is being used in hospitals, maternity wards and places where air quality is a matter of life and death like patient quarantine. Also, other environments that can be used are Medical/Dental Centres, Schools, Domestic Buildings, Restaurants, Emergency Aid and Military Infrastructure.

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*Not apply to Air Purifiers that does not have KirusKiller Technology. For example Industrial Air Purifiers, Odour Control Equipment and others.