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7 kVa Portable Generator

This generator is a massive 7000 watt unit, this generator is the perfect solution for all large caravans, food and coffee vans, parties and more. Featuring Sine-Wave Inverter technology for smooth, high quality power flow, this unit safely provides power for frequency and voltage fluctuation-sensitive equipment, such as laptop computers and communications equipment, while being ideal for home backup power.


•    FUEL INJECTION – The advanced Electronic Fuel Injection System allows the unit to run up to 18 hours continuously depending on load capacity, whilst minimising the need for maintenance.
•    i-MONITOR™ – Provides information on hours of operation, wattage and engine speed, as well as diagnostics for convenient dealer servicing.
•    PUSH BUTTON START – Hassle-free Push Button Electric Start makes starting the unit a simple push of a button.
•    OIL ALERT – Oil Alert system which shuts off the engine when low oil is detected.
•  ULTRA QUIET MUFFLER – Triple chamber low tone muffler ensures whisper quiet operation from only LwA 90dB(A).
•  ECO THROTTLE – Automatically adjusts the engine speed increasing fuel efficiency and performance.


Fuel Tank Capacity: 19.2 Litres
Continuous Operating Hours: 18hr††/6.5hr
Operating Noise Level (at 7m): 52dB(A)††/ 65dB(A)
Max. AC Output (power factor 1.0): 7000VA
Rated AC Output: 5500VA
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 848x700x721
Dry weight: 118kg (w/battery)