Dry Ice

Carbon Dioxide in a solid state (-78°C) is known as dry ice. This is widely used as a cold source that is used in food transportation such as fresh meat, poultry, fish and pastries, airline catering and ready meals. Using dry ice can safeguard valuable food products throughout every stage of operation, from manufacturing and transportation to distribution and storage.

Other applications for dry ice include tissue conservation, shrink fitting, freeze branding, deep-freezing and blast cleaning. Dry Ice sublimates into a gas leaving no liquid residue and due to its very low temperature it can keep perishable products cooler for longer periods.

Dry ice is available in a range of ready to use product sizes depending on what your application need is. All of our dry ice products are appropriately packaged for safe handling and transportation. Dry ice can be provided in block form or pellet form.


•   Food handling
•   Tissue conservation
•   Shrink fitting
•   Freeze branding
•   Deep-freezing
•   Blast cleaning