Projects Air Liquide Botany

Air Liquide Botany

Categories: Cooling
Industries: Commercial, Manufacturing, Industrial
Location: Botany, Sydney
Client: Air Liquide

The Problem

CO2 dry ice block making machine was breaking down as a result of humidity in the air condensing within the machine. This water then dramatically effected both the electronics and mechanical functions of the equipment causing the machine to seize up.

The Challenge

To reduce condensation within the machine without increasing the ambient temperature.

The Solution

The first option was to try to dehumidify the area around the machines. However it was decided that the dehumidifiers may in fact raise the ambient temperature which would have affected the quality of the product being produced. It was then decided the best approach would be to have a constant air flow through the machinery from one of our portable air conditioning units.

The Result

AirXpress Hire was able to use one 5kW air conditioning unit to perform the task of moving cool air through the affected areas of three machines which meant the machinery operated successfully through the summer period. 

As has always been the case, AirXpress Hire not only provided the best possible solution but also treated the problem as an urgent priority.