Projects American Express Server Rooms

American Express Server Rooms

Categories: Cooling
Industries: Commercial, Facility Management, Data Centres
Location: CBD, Sydney
Client: American Express Australia

The Problem

The computer server rooms needed to be cooled during an air conditioning shut down in this high rise office block in the city to avoid malfunctions from exposure to high temperatures.

The Challenge

The client required portable aircon units that are as compact as possible whilst also emitting strong air flow. Additionally, units were required that would require little, if any, maintenance whilst in commission. Finally, it was necessary to run power leads out of the server rooms in order to not risk overloading power supplies.

The Solution

AirXpress Hire decided to use our 6kw portable spot coolers rather than our more traditional 5kw portable commercial aircon units. These units are compact in size whilst providing similar air flow. Also, the 6kw air conditioning units require very little attention once installed as there is no condensation reservoir needing emptying. As part of our service we always monitor the workloads of each power circuit to avoid overloads. We also provide rubber cable covers over any exposed leads in traffic areas to avoid trip hazards for staff and visitors.