Projects Officeworks Warehouse – Evaporative Cooler

Officeworks Warehouse – Evaporative Cooler

Categories: Cooling, Evaporative Coolers
Industries: Facility Management, Commercial, Industrial
Location: Yennora, NSW
Client: Officeworks

The Problem 

The Officeworks Warehouse was too hot and the air was not fresh enough to work comfortably.

The Challenge  

Provide a cooling system that is capable to lower the temperature and increase the humidity of the air of the warehouse in the Parramatta area.

The Solution 

One unit of 5,000L/s Evaporative Cooler was delivered. This evaporative cooler achieved the required airflow circulation and fresh humidified air to provide the cooling effect.  

Also, a mixed of Evaporative Coolers and Portable Air Conditioners is a very effective cooling system for larger areas.